Wk 1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

For this weeks art activity, we were tasked with doing Plaster casting of our hand. Being unable to attend the session at the beach with Glenn, I purchased all of my supplies and got a friend to help me with the activity. A problem that i had was that the stores i went to either had no plaster of paris or a 24 pound plaster of paris box. Thus I decided to just buy a patching plaster box and try the activity with that. My friend and I began by putting our sand in a bucket and wetting the sand so it would be more solid. I then proceeded to put my hand in the sand and was able to make a mold of it. We then mixed the plaster with some water and tried our best to carefully pour the plaster into the mold. Afterwards, we cleaned up and waited for it to dry up. At the moment I am still waiting for the mold to dry, partially due to me buying the different plaster type but I will upload the photo of a hopefully well done,  finished product later.


Wk1 – classmate conversation – Matt Ngo

Today in class, I had a conversation with Matt. He is an awesome person and I look forward to getting to know him more through the semester. We began our conversation with a little insight of what we though of the class & we cleared up questions we had. During my conversation with him, I learned that Matt is a local from Long Beach just like me. He went to Poly High School and he was familiar with my high school. Matt told me of his newfound interest in EDM/trap music after attending a show with that genre of music. He explained how he knows how to skate and is into BMX and dirt bikes. I also learned of his interest in cars. I’m certain I’ll learn more interesting facts about Matt as the year progresses.

Matt Ngo’s website