Wk 5 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing


For this art experience we were tasked with doing automatic drawing. I was going to ask one of my friends at the dorms to help me with it but then 3 people ended up wanting to help so I decided to do it with 4 people. What we did was each take turns holding the bottom of the color pencil and switching that position and the color every turn. It turned out to be really fun, feeling the bottom person guiding us while we tried to try to take control. We all kept laughing and enjoying the time. In the end, everyone enjoyed it so much that we decided to color all the spots between the lines and we ended up with the continuation.



the continuation 


Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Yeri Hwang

Exhibition Information

Artist: Yeri Hwang

Exhibition: Within Us

Media: Illustration, Kinetic Sculpture, Electricity, plastic, glass, wood.

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

InstagramYeri’s Instagram

About the Artist

When I met Yeri today, I quickly noticed she is very soft spoken. Yeri Hwang is currently an undergrad in her last year of getting her degree in the CSULB School of Arts Studio Art Department. Today I was able to witness her Non degree show, “Within Us” which is focused on interactive art. Yeri explained that she believes interactive art is the most important and most distinctive art because it caters to everyone. She firmly believes that you shouldn’t need to have a background in art to be an artists and start making art. She stated art is for everyone and everyone should continue in their journey. After asking her about her inspiration, she replied that in came mostly from her past experiences. She particularly enjoys writing stories and playing video games so they also factor into her art.

Formal Analysis

Within Us is an art experience. It is a new world that you enter when you step into the gallery room. Yeri’s exhibit is interactive and kinetic art. All of her pieces are interactive, meaning the viewer can press a button or turn a dial and the art itself will change and transform. She using many components including light, wood, and glass to create her art pieces then uses electricity to allow the viewer to change the art in one way or the next.

Content Analysis

Within Us is a narrative of a different world created by Yuri. In this narrative, you are able to walk into her world, view her past experiences, and resonate with similar confrontations that have occurred to you. Yuri is trying to show common motifs that are seen throughout peoples lives in her art pieces. She is showing us into this world of wonder, which puts you as the ruler. Her art pieces are interactive and can be controlled by you thus they give the illusion of control, of you being the main protagonist. She is confronting her past experiences; her loses and victories, and showing them to us so we can resonate. Its as if she’s saying we all have a story to tell, and here is mine.

Synthesis / My Experience

I feel like her gallery means to show that you are not alone in this world. Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has a story that they are currently writing out. We are not alone in these stories and we are not all unique. Like everyone else, we share these stories with people in our lives. We resonate with other peoples stories. We are all in this journey of life together, through the victories and defeats. We find ourselves somewhere through the story. We develop our personality, our likes, and dislikes throughout this journey. We are shaped by our experiences and by other characters in our story. We are gods in our stories, able to do whatever we want, able to change our destiny with a decision in seconds. We are not subjected to a single choice thus we are the ultimate protagonists. This is what I witness when I see Within Us.

Wk 4 – Art Experience – Art Care Package


For my Art Care Package I decided to send it to the person I love most in this world, my mother. Alva Hernandez is my tole model, my hero, and the only reason i was able to get this far in life. Since I dorm, I didn’t have much to send so I scavenged through my room to find some things that have meaning. I was able to find my first ID when I first came to America, two painting and a drawing that I did, my first watch, my luck wooden die, one of my gold rings, and old pokemon cards. Sending someone an ACP is similar to sending someone a snapchat you are still sharing something that you found funny, interesting, or important to someone. Its different from sending someone a snapchat because the items inside are tangible and they won’t expire after 10 seconds. I think ephemera is precious because it is or ends up being unique. Over time it does gain value to the person that received the item. My grandfathers ring means the world to me. It is my most prized possession. Ps the ring in the picture isn’t my grandfathers, I’m sending her a different one because when my grandfather passed away, my mother was the one to give me my grandfathers ring. I believe my grandkids will treasure items i give them, such as my bracelet from when i first went to see my favorite artist Kid Cudi perform at the observatory in Santa Ana. There is a difference between art seen by many and art seen by few. Art seen by many is meant to reach everyone, to connect to everyone unlike art seen by few which is more special, its one of a kind. Art this this ACP is meant to be only for my mother and no one else, it doesn’t need to gain fame or attention, its meant to convey love to a certain person. The time and effort does mean something, it shows how important they are that you’re sending them an ACP however it doesn’t diminish the importance a snapchat can have. An ACP does have a different sort of love to it. Unlike a snapchat, an ACP was prepared with more attention to detail, with more meaning behind the times sent, etc. I believe although its a different type of message, a snapchat can also convey a message just as important.

Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – Jenny Cho

Exhibition Information

Artist: Jenny Cho, Andrea Gutierrez, Caitlin Morris 

Exhibition: In Process 

Media: Drawing, Painting, Weaving. 

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery 

Instagram: Jenny’s Instagram

About the Artist

This week I was lucky enough to talk to Jenny Cho. Jenny shared the exhibit with Andrea Gutierrez and Caitlin Morris however I was unable to speak to the other two thus this interview will focus more on Jenny Cho. Jenny is currently an undergrad in her final year at Cal Stat Long Beach. She is studying for a Bachelors degree in the School of Arts Drawing and Painting program. Jenny stated that her work explored the ideas of feminism and being able to make thing by hand. To achieve this she tried to combine weaving and fine arts in her work.

Formal Analysis

Jenny’s work is aesthetically pleasing. She uses her skills in drawing and painting with to achieve aesthetic and mixes in weaving to further change the art. Her art is very colorful. She uses bright colors that are very appealing to the eye. The type of colors that catch your eyes immediately. Andrea Gutierrez’s work is quite the opposite. Although she does use bright colors, she mixes in coffee beans and coffee grinds in which give it a somber look as you can see in the above picture in the middle. Where Jenny uses more conformity and form in her art, Andrea decides to keep it modern by drawing building and structures with her art. Unlike these two, Caitlin does stick to conformity and uses neon colors mixed bright and dark colors to giver her art a pop as seen in the rightmost picture above. She incorporates colors and styles used by graffiti artists in her art, not following traditional views.

Content Analysis

The three artists pieces made me think they were trying to convey difference. They each focus on a different aspect of life in their art but together it forms what we can relate to how our society currently is, a mixing pot of difference. Jenny’s work focuses more on the feminine side, while Andrea’s art gives a view into her world of being a barista. Then Caitlin’s work shows the underbelly, straying from conformity and showing the true colors of the world going unnoticed by others all while being in your face. They do get their point across of focusing on process and materiality in their respective pieces. The artists state that this exhibition marked their walk into the unknown, their entry into a more radical position in art and I agree. They are all exploring concepts of their own lives and putting out art that isn’t part of the norm in art.

Synthesis / My Experience

This exhibition was fascinating to me. They all mixed a part of their lives in their art pieces and as you walked from one part of the room to the next you were subjected to a change in scene and style. I perceived it as being different life stages. As I walked from one artist to the next, I felt as if I was walking from a previous stage of my life to another stage. I saw myself in the dark melancholic world that is Andreas art. I walked into the bright stages of my life in Jenny’s work and I wandered into the rebellious streets of Caitlin’s cityscape which depicted my own life stage of hectic madness. Their art resonated with my life and I appreciate being able to feel the nostalgia that their art brought with it.

Wk 3 – Artist Conversation -Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition Information

Artist: Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition: Scry Baby

Media: Print making, screen printing, drawing, paint.

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KLART760/


About the Artist

Kelvin Lopez is a contemporary artist who focuses on painting, printmaking, and illustrating. He currently resides in Long Beach but he is from San Diego, California. Being from San Diego, he joked of how he obviously loves beer and going out to the beach with his two Huskies. Kelvin is studying at California State University pursuing a degree from the School of Art’s Printmaking program. He began his art career at San Diego, from watching his boss work. He then broke into the underground music/art scene in San Diego where he shows off his work at underground art shows. Kelvin explained that apart from his boss, his influencers are Alex Gray and Thomas Selly.

Formal Analysis

The media used is all screen printing which consists of layer on top of layer of a graphic, drawing, etc. The crystals used in the prints give off geometric shapes, straight lines of crystals and squares, coming together to form the crystals. The colors are dark, but not evil. They can be explained as psychedelic colors. Colors consistently conjoined with hallucination. The rhythm that Kelvin creates by layering the crystals and the pictures of his dogs, his nephews, and his younger self creates a sort of pattern, hinting at what might be seen as important, centered. All his art is sinuous but each piece itself is staccato, trying to be detached from each other. His technique of using the crystals, with another layer incorporated into them is impressive, and it gives off his unwavering cadence.

Content Analysis

Kelvin’s exhibition seems to focus on the things he cherishes in life, his joys. Although Kelvin explained that an artists job is to speak, he doesn’t seem to be picking at anything political, economical, or social in Scry Baby. Instead, it seems to be a peek into Kelvin’s world, into his mind. As if you’re looking through his eyes, you see the crystals that he collects displayed in the middle. As you look around, you notice crystals in every picture, and in most of them his dogs, his nephews, or his younger self reside. Kelvin seems to be showing the most important things in his life, all inside a natural beauty of this world, crystals.

Synthesis / My Experience

To me, Kelvins exhibition screams out that whats important will always shine brighter than the rest, even when surround by melancholic colors. The crystals represent natural aesthetic, love, nostalgia of the beauties of this world. As if reminding you that these crystals are out there, holding inside of them what we cherish the most. Its telling you to not forget, to look past the dark, the hazy, and find the bright given off by them. His exhibition resonates with my personal life. In the crystals i see my mother, my sister, my niece. I see my brothers by choice, not by blood. It tells me that even though events can cloud my opinion of my loved ones, to never forget that inside of each and every one of them, there is a reason behind why i chose to cherish them, why they are so import to me.

Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Andrew Vue

This week I was fortunate enough to meet Andrew Vue while we were in one of the exhibit rooms. I learned that Andrew was a psychology major and was in his senior year thus he was taking this art class as a filler but was actually enjoying it. I found out that we both dormed in Parkside Q when we were freshmen. Inside the exhibit full of art, Andrew explained that he could relate to the art, having played the sax for 10 years which is quite impressive. Andrew told me of how he built his own desktop, all from logitech hardware. On he, he frequents many video games, one of which I play named league. After bonding over our shared interest, we walked back to class and I learned that he played recreational volleyball and even played libero, the same position as I did. Andrew currently works at Hiccups, just up the street and just got promoted. PS. sorry for the blurry picture, we were in a rush and my hand has a tendency to shake when taking photos.

Andrew’s Blog



Wk 2 – Art Experience – Landscapes with a Corpse

For this weeks activity we were tasked with taking 2 photos of our interpretation of the theme, ‘landscapes with a corpse’. Landscapes with a Corpse is a photography theme that Izima Kaoru began to use. “To make ones self visible in the moment of disappearance” is the perfect description of his own art. Trying to portray this technique, i came upon with the idea of the Seven Dead Sins. In my scenario, Envy got jealous of all the other sins so he decides to kill them all at the next gathering. After poisoning all the sins, Envy thought that his feeling would be quenched. He sat there staring at the bodies waiting for the feeling to arise, the empowering thrill of power, but the only thing that crept up was loneliness. Because of this Envy decides to kill himself, realizing the other sins were the only thing grounding him to this world.

Wk 2 – Classmate Conversation – Christopher Toledanes

On our second class meeting, we were tasked to have another classmate conversation with a complete stranger, and this time I met Christopher Toledanes & learned much about him. Chris is a long beach local and went to Poly High School just like Matt, who I met on last weeks classmate conversation. Chris is currently a senior here at cal state long beach studying computer engineering. I learned that he knew a computer language that I knew, Python. However, he also knows c++, Java, and Matlab. He also is a part of the anime club, kind of. I also am kind of part of the club, going to only a few club meetings when i get a chance so i got what he meant. He explained that he knows the officers and is friends with them. He’s also part of an e-club. When we proceeded to take the picture, he brought out a Nikon camera thats very expensive. He even had a lens that on its own costs upwards of $700. He told me that he’s into photography, specifically cosplay photography. It was exciting to meet Chris and I look forward to having him as a classmate. Don’t be afraid to check out his blog below.

Chris’ Blog