Wk 2 – Classmate Conversation – Christopher Toledanes

On our second class meeting, we were tasked to have another classmate conversation with a complete stranger, and this time I met Christopher Toledanes & learned much about him. Chris is a long beach local and went to Poly High School just like Matt, who I met on last weeks classmate conversation. Chris is currently a senior here at cal state long beach studying computer engineering. I learned that he knew a computer language that I knew, Python. However, he also knows c++, Java, and Matlab. He also is a part of the anime club, kind of. I also am kind of part of the club, going to only a few club meetings when i get a chance so i got what he meant. He explained that he knows the officers and is friends with them. He’s also part of an e-club. When we proceeded to take the picture, he brought out a Nikon camera thats very expensive. He even had a lens that on its own costs upwards of $700. He told me that he’s into photography, specifically cosplay photography. It was exciting to meet Chris and I look forward to having him as a classmate. Don’t be afraid to check out his blog below.

Chris’ Blog


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