Wk 2 – Art Experience – Landscapes with a Corpse

For this weeks activity we were tasked with taking 2 photos of our interpretation of the theme, ‘landscapes with a corpse’. Landscapes with a Corpse is a photography theme that Izima Kaoru began to use. “To make ones self visible in the moment of disappearance” is the perfect description of his own art. Trying to portray this technique, i came upon with the idea of the Seven Dead Sins. In my scenario, Envy got jealous of all the other sins so he decides to kill them all at the next gathering. After poisoning all the sins, Envy thought that his feeling would be quenched. He sat there staring at the bodies waiting for the feeling to arise, the empowering thrill of power, but the only thing that crept up was loneliness. Because of this Envy decides to kill himself, realizing the other sins were the only thing grounding him to this world.


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