Wk 3 – Artist Conversation -Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition Information

Artist: Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition: Scry Baby

Media: Print making, screen printing, drawing, paint.

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KLART760/


About the Artist

Kelvin Lopez is a contemporary artist who focuses on painting, printmaking, and illustrating. He currently resides in Long Beach but he is from San Diego, California. Being from San Diego, he joked of how he obviously loves beer and going out to the beach with his two Huskies. Kelvin is studying at California State University pursuing a degree from the School of Art’s Printmaking program. He began his art career at San Diego, from watching his boss work. He then broke into the underground music/art scene in San Diego where he shows off his work at underground art shows. Kelvin explained that apart from his boss, his influencers are Alex Gray and Thomas Selly.

Formal Analysis

The media used is all screen printing which consists of layer on top of layer of a graphic, drawing, etc. The crystals used in the prints give off geometric shapes, straight lines of crystals and squares, coming together to form the crystals. The colors are dark, but not evil. They can be explained as psychedelic colors. Colors consistently conjoined with hallucination. The rhythm that Kelvin creates by layering the crystals and the pictures of his dogs, his nephews, and his younger self creates a sort of pattern, hinting at what might be seen as important, centered. All his art is sinuous but each piece itself is staccato, trying to be detached from each other. His technique of using the crystals, with another layer incorporated into them is impressive, and it gives off his unwavering cadence.

Content Analysis

Kelvin’s exhibition seems to focus on the things he cherishes in life, his joys. Although Kelvin explained that an artists job is to speak, he doesn’t seem to be picking at anything political, economical, or social in Scry Baby. Instead, it seems to be a peek into Kelvin’s world, into his mind. As if you’re looking through his eyes, you see the crystals that he collects displayed in the middle. As you look around, you notice crystals in every picture, and in most of them his dogs, his nephews, or his younger self reside. Kelvin seems to be showing the most important things in his life, all inside a natural beauty of this world, crystals.

Synthesis / My Experience

To me, Kelvins exhibition screams out that whats important will always shine brighter than the rest, even when surround by melancholic colors. The crystals represent natural aesthetic, love, nostalgia of the beauties of this world. As if reminding you that these crystals are out there, holding inside of them what we cherish the most. Its telling you to not forget, to look past the dark, the hazy, and find the bright given off by them. His exhibition resonates with my personal life. In the crystals i see my mother, my sister, my niece. I see my brothers by choice, not by blood. It tells me that even though events can cloud my opinion of my loved ones, to never forget that inside of each and every one of them, there is a reason behind why i chose to cherish them, why they are so import to me.


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