Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Andrew Vue

This week I was fortunate enough to meet Andrew Vue while we were in one of the exhibit rooms. I learned that Andrew was a psychology major and was in his senior year thus he was taking this art class as a filler but was actually enjoying it. I found out that we both dormed in Parkside Q when we were freshmen. Inside the exhibit full of art, Andrew explained that he could relate to the art, having played the sax for 10 years which is quite impressive. Andrew told me of how he built his own desktop, all from logitech hardware. On he, he frequents many video games, one of which I play named league. After bonding over our shared interest, we walked back to class and I learned that he played recreational volleyball and even played libero, the same position as I did. Andrew currently works at Hiccups, just up the street and just got promoted. PS. sorry for the blurry picture, we were in a rush and my hand has a tendency to shake when taking photos.

Andrew’s Blog




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