Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – Jenny Cho

Exhibition Information

Artist: Jenny Cho, Andrea Gutierrez, Caitlin Morris 

Exhibition: In Process 

Media: Drawing, Painting, Weaving. 

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery 

Instagram: Jenny’s Instagram

About the Artist

This week I was lucky enough to talk to Jenny Cho. Jenny shared the exhibit with Andrea Gutierrez and Caitlin Morris however I was unable to speak to the other two thus this interview will focus more on Jenny Cho. Jenny is currently an undergrad in her final year at Cal Stat Long Beach. She is studying for a Bachelors degree in the School of Arts Drawing and Painting program. Jenny stated that her work explored the ideas of feminism and being able to make thing by hand. To achieve this she tried to combine weaving and fine arts in her work.

Formal Analysis

Jenny’s work is aesthetically pleasing. She uses her skills in drawing and painting with to achieve aesthetic and mixes in weaving to further change the art. Her art is very colorful. She uses bright colors that are very appealing to the eye. The type of colors that catch your eyes immediately. Andrea Gutierrez’s work is quite the opposite. Although she does use bright colors, she mixes in coffee beans and coffee grinds in which give it a somber look as you can see in the above picture in the middle. Where Jenny uses more conformity and form in her art, Andrea decides to keep it modern by drawing building and structures with her art. Unlike these two, Caitlin does stick to conformity and uses neon colors mixed bright and dark colors to giver her art a pop as seen in the rightmost picture above. She incorporates colors and styles used by graffiti artists in her art, not following traditional views.

Content Analysis

The three artists pieces made me think they were trying to convey difference. They each focus on a different aspect of life in their art but together it forms what we can relate to how our society currently is, a mixing pot of difference. Jenny’s work focuses more on the feminine side, while Andrea’s art gives a view into her world of being a barista. Then Caitlin’s work shows the underbelly, straying from conformity and showing the true colors of the world going unnoticed by others all while being in your face. They do get their point across of focusing on process and materiality in their respective pieces. The artists state that this exhibition marked their walk into the unknown, their entry into a more radical position in art and I agree. They are all exploring concepts of their own lives and putting out art that isn’t part of the norm in art.

Synthesis / My Experience

This exhibition was fascinating to me. They all mixed a part of their lives in their art pieces and as you walked from one part of the room to the next you were subjected to a change in scene and style. I perceived it as being different life stages. As I walked from one artist to the next, I felt as if I was walking from a previous stage of my life to another stage. I saw myself in the dark melancholic world that is Andreas art. I walked into the bright stages of my life in Jenny’s work and I wandered into the rebellious streets of Caitlin’s cityscape which depicted my own life stage of hectic madness. Their art resonated with my life and I appreciate being able to feel the nostalgia that their art brought with it.


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