Wk 4 – Art Experience – Art Care Package


For my Art Care Package I decided to send it to the person I love most in this world, my mother. Alva Hernandez is my tole model, my hero, and the only reason i was able to get this far in life. Since I dorm, I didn’t have much to send so I scavenged through my room to find some things that have meaning. I was able to find my first ID when I first came to America, two painting and a drawing that I did, my first watch, my luck wooden die, one of my gold rings, and old pokemon cards. Sending someone an ACP is similar to sending someone a snapchat you are still sharing something that you found funny, interesting, or important to someone. Its different from sending someone a snapchat because the items inside are tangible and they won’t expire after 10 seconds. I think ephemera is precious because it is or ends up being unique. Over time it does gain value to the person that received the item. My grandfathers ring means the world to me. It is my most prized possession. Ps the ring in the picture isn’t my grandfathers, I’m sending her a different one because when my grandfather passed away, my mother was the one to give me my grandfathers ring. I believe my grandkids will treasure items i give them, such as my bracelet from when i first went to see my favorite artist Kid Cudi perform at the observatory in Santa Ana. There is a difference between art seen by many and art seen by few. Art seen by many is meant to reach everyone, to connect to everyone unlike art seen by few which is more special, its one of a kind. Art this this ACP is meant to be only for my mother and no one else, it doesn’t need to gain fame or attention, its meant to convey love to a certain person. The time and effort does mean something, it shows how important they are that you’re sending them an ACP however it doesn’t diminish the importance a snapchat can have. An ACP does have a different sort of love to it. Unlike a snapchat, an ACP was prepared with more attention to detail, with more meaning behind the times sent, etc. I believe although its a different type of message, a snapchat can also convey a message just as important.


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