Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – David DeSantis

Exhibition Information

Artist: David DeSantis

Exhibition: Day Dreamer 

Media: Ink, paper, screen printing, lithographs, flexiglass 

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino

Instagram: Rapture Fine Art

About the Artist

Today I had the pleasure of seeing Davids first full gallery. David is a senior at Cal State Long Beach seeking a BFA in Printmaking. After graduating, he hopes to work privately and sell his art. He does not want to go to grad school right after graduating instead want to do private work and explore. Some of his pleasures outside of art are music festivals, playing pool, and listening to dubstep music which is one of his inspirations. He also stated he’s kind of an adrenaline junkie. David mentioned that he used to draw choppers when he was younger and around the age of 18 began to draw other thing. Although he was first in the Graphic Design major, he stepped into a printmaking studio and changed his major that same day.

Formal Analysis

Davids style in his art is fluid abstract impressionism. He stated that he wanted to embrace Jackson Pollocks style in his work. As you can see above, his art is abstract however it does focus on a specific mark. Whether that mark is a wolf or a man, there is a specific symbol within the abstract art. His pieces are all based on titles, beats, rhythms, and lyrics of music and since it was all dubstep and hard metal, you can notice the correlation. His work does incorporate abstract impressionism, as you can see in the accidental shapes and forms that make up the underlying mark.

Content Analysis

I feel like David is experimenting with fluid abstract impressionism in his gallery work. The pieces do show that they are based from music that he was listening to at the time of their making. He seems to be testing his incorporation of a mark within the abstract landscape. When looking at his pieces, I do feel as if I could be listening to the dubstep / heavy metal that he was listening to at the time. He doesn’t seem to be trying to tell you something, instead he’s urging you to tell him something. He wants to know what you see in his art and I think that is amazing.

Synthesis / My Experience

I enjoyed Davids art pieces, especially the two that i included in this post. The first shows the jaws of a wolf. This particular piece spoke directly to my anger, my rage. It was as if I was seeing my anger manifest itself and scream out towards me. Which brings us to the next piece which is that of a man, who seems to be crucified, slowly drowning. I could relate to this because as a college student, I feel this way all the time. There is so much responsibility and pressure to succeed in todays world, especially as a first generation college student. I feel like I’m pinned underneath everything in my life, and it is slowly starting to suffocate me.



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