Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Soroush Moghim

Exhibition Information

Artist: Soroush Moghim

Exhibition: Geometry of Grief

Media: Sculpting, weaving, painting, light sources

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Instagram: Soroush’s instagram

About the Artist

For this weeks artist conversation, I was lucky to get to be a witness of Soroush Moghim’s amazing art. Soroush is technically a senior at Cal State Long Beach School of Art Sculpting department. Soroush was born and raised in Iran thus the religion and culture of the region is very much an influence to him and his art. Coming to America, he states he would obviously succumb to influences from the culture here. His art has a little bit of both cultures thus he describes his art as “transcendence”.

Formal Analysis

Soroush states that the enjoyed sci-fi and the patterns found in the entertainment industry and it is evident in his art. Geometry of Grief hints to the Islamic culture and its praise of geometric perfection in a sense however Soroush states he instead wants to evoke the imperfections in his design. He uses lighting and brights colors along with his sculptures and the picture of a woman weaved by his deceased mother to show these imperfections. The lighting in the room really gives the exhibit life although a gloomy feeling lingers.

Content Analysis

“The same place that patterns lie hidden, often evading the rational eye”. This stood out to me from his personal statement and I believe it personifies his exhibition perfectly. His use of light in his art pieces help him to reach the transcendence he talks about. He is able to use influences from both cultures and weave them together in harmony to create his high craft integrate art. The Geometry of Grief is also feels like a dedication towards his late mother. It is a very powerful exhibit that appeals to the viewer strongly.

Synthesis / My Experience

I personally felt very touched by Soroush’s exhibit. The Geometry of Grief made me feel his grief. All the art pieces were set up perfectly and his use of lighting and light projection mixed well with the other pieces however I was very touched by his violin piece. Walking into the closed off room I first noticed the colors against the wall, all bright. Then I see the shadow of the violin against the background and notice the violin hanging from the ceiling. Being alone in this little room left such a powerful impression on me. I felt so much feeling in this room, as if it was full of grief and sorrow and pain. The violin hanging alone, with the shadow against the background full of bright light. It was a beautiful piece and I must thank Soroush for this experience. It was amazing and I look forward to any future exhibits that he has.


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