Wk 12 – Art Activity – Ethnography

Fro this weeks art activity, we were tasked with spending a night without electricity which included electric devices. I honestly thought this experience would be boring and uneventful. Although it is fun to imagine how people used to spend their time when they didn’t have electricity in the past, since we are living in the present time with electricity, its very hard to do away with it. It is definitely not liberating. Sure reading a book by candlelight is cool but now most of my books are on my phone and living in the dorms i can’t even light a candle. I did not get better sleep. I am used to falling sleeping after watching a few shows on netflix and I fall asleep with music which is one of my favorite things in this world. Without electricity, I was deprived of these two which in no way helped me out. Its amazing to sleep well every night because I usually do sleep well every night but this activity made falling asleep a struggle. Living without electricity isn’t more organic or harmonious. I believe electricity is a part of nature. Living without it is boring. Growing up in Guatemala, I experienced not having so many electric items and being forced to find other things to do but that was years ago. We have developed such marvelous technology that it makes no sense to want to go back to a time when we didn’t have it. I understand in some countries they have no electricity however  we are fortune enough to have some here, so there is not point in not using it. I think they did have constant stimulation just not in the same way we do. At the time they got their stimulation from other things and our generations have electric devices to give us this constant stimulation. Im living my ideal level of life activity and connectivity right now, its simple. Filling times in my life when i have nothing better to do then use my phone is great because i am constantly exposed to learning new things or just listening to some music at the most opportune times.


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