Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Laura Lopez

Exhibition Information

Artist: Laura Lopez

Exhibition: Selvatica

Media: Painting, Oil

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery 

Website: None

About the Artist

For our final Artist conversation, I had the pleasure of looking at Laura Lopez’s exhibit, Selvatica. A few things I think you should know is that Laura is originally from Colombia and is currently a graduate student at Cal State Long Beach School of Art drawing and Painting Department. She wishes to continue with her artwork after she finishes with school. Colombia and the nature and landscape of her country was a heavy influence in her art. Learning this, going back and seeing her art once more gives you a different feeling.

Formal Analysis

Laura’s exhibit was very appealing. Each of her paintings are based on nature, mostly the wild jungle. Being from Colombia, she is able to take her countries landscapes and create very unique and colorful portraits. In her paintings, she uses many different colors and mixes them together in her art. She contrasts different colors with each other to create a sense of depth in her paintings, using both dark and light colors to create this illusion and show the different states of the jungle, of the wild.

Content Analysis

I feel that Laura was trying to catch the way she sees her mother country. Being very much influenced by Colmbia’s nature and just loving nature in general, Laura is able to convey her vision of nature through her art. In her pieces, she is able to capture the different states that a jungle can go through and just how colorful jungle can be. The wild changes through the day and the night, going through the entire rainbow of colors and I feel that thats what Laura is showing. Along with the cougar in the second picture, she shows the difference between the light and the shade of a native of the jungle.

Synthesis / My Experience

There were many interesting exhibits this week however i was just drawn by Laura’s. I also love nature. Im a big fan of camping and I avidly photograph nature so when I saw so many colors and her depiction of the jungle, I was hooked. Being from Guatemala myself, there are many protected lands of jungle that I have been to where nature is allowed to grow without being interfered with. Her paintings were able to remind me of my native country and just how beautiful it is along with getting a taste of how beautiful the nature in Colombia must be. Laura is an extraordinary painter and Im confident that I’ll be seeing her art throughout my life.


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