Wk 15 – Art Activity – Design Thinking Applied to Life

Possibility #1 :

For my first possibility I would like to plan out my life with my International studies degree. In this path I would most likely be working and living out of the country, possibly in Italy or Madrid. I would be working for a non-profit organization somewhere in these two places. Speaking the languages, I would be able to get accustomed to life quickly and after 5-10 years, I would move back to California where i would establish my own nonprofit.

For rapid prototyping of this possibility i have contacts with my old Italian teacher and with some of my family members that live in Madrid. These connections will in the end offer me a way to start my career in these different places.

Confidence: 8/10                                                                              Resources: 8/10                                                                      Impact: 9/10                                                                                     Satisfaction: 7/10

Possibility #2 :

In this possibility I would follow my film minor and get a job in the film industry in Hollywood. working my way up the ladder, I would get a chance to direct a few movies, do well at some movie festivals and eventually becoming a big name and getting credit for my screenwriting/directing. At this point I would have already bought my mom her mansion and i would buy my dream house down in Laguna Beach. I would retire early and travel the world for the rest of my life.

For rapid prototyping in this possibility, I have befriended multiple friends + RAs who are film majors and are currently getting jobs in the industry. With their help, I will be able to break into the industry and advance myself slowly, eventually moving from TVs to movies. I have also started to work with editing movies and pictures of my own and building up my portfolio.

Confidence: 7/10                                                                              Resources: 7/10                                                                      Impact: 10/10                                                                                     Satisfaction: 10/10

Possibility #3 :

For my third possibility I would follow a career in my second minor which is web applications -programming. After graduating from school, I would be helping small businesses and other companies with their web design/programming, Sooner or later i would go up to North California and work/live in Silicon Valley. I would get hired by big companies and I would work closely with them to keep their aesthetics appealing. After a few years, I would start my family and keep working till I am old and have successfully gotten my children through college then retire with my wife and live happily.

Rapid prototyping for this third possibility has also already began, an example being this very website. Going through other classmates website, some didn’t even bother but since I knew this would be a starting point for me, I made sure to put a little extra effort and make it aesthetically pleasing and I believe I achieved that. This not only serves as the foundation to my web programming future, it gives me something I can constantly check and improve over time as I learn how to be a better web programmer.

Confidence: 9/10                                                                              Resources: 8/10                                                                      Impact: 6/10                                                                                     Satisfaction: 7/10


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