Wk 15 – Extra Credit Evaluation Post

3 Favorite Activities:

1.  My favorite activity would have to be Sketching In The Garden. This is my favorite because in college you never have “field trips” anymore and I appreciated being able to go to the garden and just spend the class period drawing.

2. My second favorite would be Landscapes With A Corpse. This activity was fun because it was so creative. I had fun figuring out what i should do for my activity and taking the pictures.

3. My third favorite would have to be the Art Care Package. I guess it was a nice experience to find someone to send the package to and figure out what items you could put inside that would effect that person greatly.

3 Least Favorite Activities:

1. My least Favorite Activity would have to be Graffiti Writing. Personally for me, It was hard finding a canvas to draw on since i currently live in the dorms. It was also a hassle worrying about buying spray paint.

2. My second last favorite would be Plaster Casting. Although its a cool concept, I ended up making my casting and it never set, even after 3 days. I also couldn’t find the right plaster even after going to 3 stores. I didn’t enjoy this activity at all.

3. The last least favorite activity would have to be Ethnography. I think this is just because of what I believe in. I don’t see it as a benefit when we relinquish our technology that we have created through our own evolution as humans. I just didn’t agree with this idea and it wasn’t much fun to me.

Slack + WordPress vs Beachboard:

I actually really enjoyed using slack and wordpress. After learning how to use them, it wasn’t much of a hassle keeping up and posting things on time. I also prefer slack + wordpress over beachboard because it kind of makes you want to make your site better.


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