Wk 15 – Extra Credit Evaluation Post

3 Favorite Activities:

1.  My favorite activity would have to be Sketching In The Garden. This is my favorite because in college you never have “field trips” anymore and I appreciated being able to go to the garden and just spend the class period drawing.

2. My second favorite would be Landscapes With A Corpse. This activity was fun because it was so creative. I had fun figuring out what i should do for my activity and taking the pictures.

3. My third favorite would have to be the Art Care Package. I guess it was a nice experience to find someone to send the package to and figure out what items you could put inside that would effect that person greatly.

3 Least Favorite Activities:

1. My least Favorite Activity would have to be Graffiti Writing. Personally for me, It was hard finding a canvas to draw on since i currently live in the dorms. It was also a hassle worrying about buying spray paint.

2. My second last favorite would be Plaster Casting. Although its a cool concept, I ended up making my casting and it never set, even after 3 days. I also couldn’t find the right plaster even after going to 3 stores. I didn’t enjoy this activity at all.

3. The last least favorite activity would have to be Ethnography. I think this is just because of what I believe in. I don’t see it as a benefit when we relinquish our technology that we have created through our own evolution as humans. I just didn’t agree with this idea and it wasn’t much fun to me.

Slack + WordPress vs Beachboard:

I actually really enjoyed using slack and wordpress. After learning how to use them, it wasn’t much of a hassle keeping up and posting things on time. I also prefer slack + wordpress over beachboard because it kind of makes you want to make your site better.


Wk 15 – Art Activity – Design Thinking Applied to Life

Possibility #1 :

For my first possibility I would like to plan out my life with my International studies degree. In this path I would most likely be working and living out of the country, possibly in Italy or Madrid. I would be working for a non-profit organization somewhere in these two places. Speaking the languages, I would be able to get accustomed to life quickly and after 5-10 years, I would move back to California where i would establish my own nonprofit.

For rapid prototyping of this possibility i have contacts with my old Italian teacher and with some of my family members that live in Madrid. These connections will in the end offer me a way to start my career in these different places.

Confidence: 8/10                                                                              Resources: 8/10                                                                      Impact: 9/10                                                                                     Satisfaction: 7/10

Possibility #2 :

In this possibility I would follow my film minor and get a job in the film industry in Hollywood. working my way up the ladder, I would get a chance to direct a few movies, do well at some movie festivals and eventually becoming a big name and getting credit for my screenwriting/directing. At this point I would have already bought my mom her mansion and i would buy my dream house down in Laguna Beach. I would retire early and travel the world for the rest of my life.

For rapid prototyping in this possibility, I have befriended multiple friends + RAs who are film majors and are currently getting jobs in the industry. With their help, I will be able to break into the industry and advance myself slowly, eventually moving from TVs to movies. I have also started to work with editing movies and pictures of my own and building up my portfolio.

Confidence: 7/10                                                                              Resources: 7/10                                                                      Impact: 10/10                                                                                     Satisfaction: 10/10

Possibility #3 :

For my third possibility I would follow a career in my second minor which is web applications -programming. After graduating from school, I would be helping small businesses and other companies with their web design/programming, Sooner or later i would go up to North California and work/live in Silicon Valley. I would get hired by big companies and I would work closely with them to keep their aesthetics appealing. After a few years, I would start my family and keep working till I am old and have successfully gotten my children through college then retire with my wife and live happily.

Rapid prototyping for this third possibility has also already began, an example being this very website. Going through other classmates website, some didn’t even bother but since I knew this would be a starting point for me, I made sure to put a little extra effort and make it aesthetically pleasing and I believe I achieved that. This not only serves as the foundation to my web programming future, it gives me something I can constantly check and improve over time as I learn how to be a better web programmer.

Confidence: 9/10                                                                              Resources: 8/10                                                                      Impact: 6/10                                                                                     Satisfaction: 7/10

Wk – 14 – Classmate Conversation – Courtney Clyde


Courtneys blog

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Courtney at the japanese gardens. Courtney was born in Santa Barbara California which is a beautiful place. She moved here to come to school. She is a sophomore studying Kinesiology in hopes of one day becoming a physical therapist. She has dabbled in sports throughout her life however she has stuck closely with soccer up until now. In her free time she likes to rock climb and she currently works at the intramural desk at the rec center. She has an older sister and like me she’s into all types of music.

Wk 14 – Art Activity – Sketching at the Japanese Gardens

FullSizeRender 4


For this weeks art activity we were tasked to sketch at the Japanese Gardens here on campus. Honestly, this was my favorite art activity. Since I dorm on campus, I was able to just walk from my room to class which was dope. I sat on a chair on the right side when entering and began to sketch the pond. The abode picture was that I was able to draw during class time. I decided to at least finish the pond and start drawing some of the lilly pads but there are so many that i couldn’t finish. Overall this was a really fun activity.

Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Laura Lopez

Exhibition Information

Artist: Laura Lopez

Exhibition: Selvatica

Media: Painting, Oil

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery 

Website: None

About the Artist

For our final Artist conversation, I had the pleasure of looking at Laura Lopez’s exhibit, Selvatica. A few things I think you should know is that Laura is originally from Colombia and is currently a graduate student at Cal State Long Beach School of Art drawing and Painting Department. She wishes to continue with her artwork after she finishes with school. Colombia and the nature and landscape of her country was a heavy influence in her art. Learning this, going back and seeing her art once more gives you a different feeling.

Formal Analysis

Laura’s exhibit was very appealing. Each of her paintings are based on nature, mostly the wild jungle. Being from Colombia, she is able to take her countries landscapes and create very unique and colorful portraits. In her paintings, she uses many different colors and mixes them together in her art. She contrasts different colors with each other to create a sense of depth in her paintings, using both dark and light colors to create this illusion and show the different states of the jungle, of the wild.

Content Analysis

I feel that Laura was trying to catch the way she sees her mother country. Being very much influenced by Colmbia’s nature and just loving nature in general, Laura is able to convey her vision of nature through her art. In her pieces, she is able to capture the different states that a jungle can go through and just how colorful jungle can be. The wild changes through the day and the night, going through the entire rainbow of colors and I feel that thats what Laura is showing. Along with the cougar in the second picture, she shows the difference between the light and the shade of a native of the jungle.

Synthesis / My Experience

There were many interesting exhibits this week however i was just drawn by Laura’s. I also love nature. Im a big fan of camping and I avidly photograph nature so when I saw so many colors and her depiction of the jungle, I was hooked. Being from Guatemala myself, there are many protected lands of jungle that I have been to where nature is allowed to grow without being interfered with. Her paintings were able to remind me of my native country and just how beautiful it is along with getting a taste of how beautiful the nature in Colombia must be. Laura is an extraordinary painter and Im confident that I’ll be seeing her art throughout my life.

Wk 12 – Art Activity – Ethnography

Fro this weeks art activity, we were tasked with spending a night without electricity which included electric devices. I honestly thought this experience would be boring and uneventful. Although it is fun to imagine how people used to spend their time when they didn’t have electricity in the past, since we are living in the present time with electricity, its very hard to do away with it. It is definitely not liberating. Sure reading a book by candlelight is cool but now most of my books are on my phone and living in the dorms i can’t even light a candle. I did not get better sleep. I am used to falling sleeping after watching a few shows on netflix and I fall asleep with music which is one of my favorite things in this world. Without electricity, I was deprived of these two which in no way helped me out. Its amazing to sleep well every night because I usually do sleep well every night but this activity made falling asleep a struggle. Living without electricity isn’t more organic or harmonious. I believe electricity is a part of nature. Living without it is boring. Growing up in Guatemala, I experienced not having so many electric items and being forced to find other things to do but that was years ago. We have developed such marvelous technology that it makes no sense to want to go back to a time when we didn’t have it. I understand in some countries they have no electricity however  we are fortune enough to have some here, so there is not point in not using it. I think they did have constant stimulation just not in the same way we do. At the time they got their stimulation from other things and our generations have electric devices to give us this constant stimulation. Im living my ideal level of life activity and connectivity right now, its simple. Filling times in my life when i have nothing better to do then use my phone is great because i am constantly exposed to learning new things or just listening to some music at the most opportune times.

Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Alice Andreini

Exhibition Information

Artist: Alice Andreini

Exhibition: No Mans Land

Media: Painting, oil, wax.

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website: Alice’s Site

About the Artist

For this weeks exhibit I had the pleasure of seeing Alice Andreini’s works of art. Alice is a graduate student at Cal State Long Beach studying in the School of Art drawing and painting department. I learned that this exhibition was put on to serve as her thesis for her degree. Alice has been interested in art since she was small and through her college career switched around a lot until she landed in drawing and painting. She hopes to get her graduate degree then continue with her work in painting.

Formal Analysis

Alice’s exhibit was interesting. Most of her paintings were huge things, hanging on the walls of the room. I found there to be a lot of unintended form in her paintings. Her paintings each seem to stick with a certain color scheme and the colors she chooses compliment each other remarkably. In her painting, you could see the outlines of beautiful landscapes, although they are formed in an abstract way. The paintings are done in a way that they absorb the viewer, both with their content, and the choice of colors. They also have a hint of ruggedness to them that appeals to the viewer.

Content Analysis

In her Artists statement, Alice points out that she is trying to convey how we as humans perceive our world and how landscapes are perceived end up revealing ones own culture. I found that she was able to convey this idea well and I did find that my own culture shaped my perception of her paintings. Alice stated, “the viewer is seduced and implicated in a privileged and predatory positionally from which the landscape is appreciated add consumed as an aesthetic object of untroubled contemplation and power”. I feel that this line perfectly describes her exhibit, one is able to enjoy her remarkable ability and see the landscapes as she intended them to be seen.

Synthesis / My Experience

I found Alice’s exhibition to be very intriguing. As I stated above, I feel she has mastered the use of color as is evident in her work. The color schemes she chooses resonate with one another in her paintings. The landscapes she created employs the viewer to look with their own eyes and see these wild and innocent scenes. This in turn causes the viewer to reflect upon these landscapes with their own experiences and cultures. I believe Alice’s style is astonishing. She is  able to capture the viewer both with her ability in painting and her ideas and am confident that she will make it in the art world.

Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Soroush Moghim

Exhibition Information

Artist: Soroush Moghim

Exhibition: Geometry of Grief

Media: Sculpting, weaving, painting, light sources

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Instagram: Soroush’s instagram

About the Artist

For this weeks artist conversation, I was lucky to get to be a witness of Soroush Moghim’s amazing art. Soroush is technically a senior at Cal State Long Beach School of Art Sculpting department. Soroush was born and raised in Iran thus the religion and culture of the region is very much an influence to him and his art. Coming to America, he states he would obviously succumb to influences from the culture here. His art has a little bit of both cultures thus he describes his art as “transcendence”.

Formal Analysis

Soroush states that the enjoyed sci-fi and the patterns found in the entertainment industry and it is evident in his art. Geometry of Grief hints to the Islamic culture and its praise of geometric perfection in a sense however Soroush states he instead wants to evoke the imperfections in his design. He uses lighting and brights colors along with his sculptures and the picture of a woman weaved by his deceased mother to show these imperfections. The lighting in the room really gives the exhibit life although a gloomy feeling lingers.

Content Analysis

“The same place that patterns lie hidden, often evading the rational eye”. This stood out to me from his personal statement and I believe it personifies his exhibition perfectly. His use of light in his art pieces help him to reach the transcendence he talks about. He is able to use influences from both cultures and weave them together in harmony to create his high craft integrate art. The Geometry of Grief is also feels like a dedication towards his late mother. It is a very powerful exhibit that appeals to the viewer strongly.

Synthesis / My Experience

I personally felt very touched by Soroush’s exhibit. The Geometry of Grief made me feel his grief. All the art pieces were set up perfectly and his use of lighting and light projection mixed well with the other pieces however I was very touched by his violin piece. Walking into the closed off room I first noticed the colors against the wall, all bright. Then I see the shadow of the violin against the background and notice the violin hanging from the ceiling. Being alone in this little room left such a powerful impression on me. I felt so much feeling in this room, as if it was full of grief and sorrow and pain. The violin hanging alone, with the shadow against the background full of bright light. It was a beautiful piece and I must thank Soroush for this experience. It was amazing and I look forward to any future exhibits that he has.

Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Duy Vu

IMG_8407Today i had the pleasure to meet Duy Vu or as I call him DV. DV is an awesome person of which i share many similarities with. DV is a cecs major at csulb. He is interested in getting into game development and if anything go into software engineering in the future. He recently learned python like me. His favorite food is broken rice. DV’s interests are manga, anime, and gaming. One of his favorite manga/anime is GTO which I’ve watched as well and enjoyed greatly. He plays a lot of games like overwatch and league of legends.

Duy’s blog

Wk 10 – Art Activity – Architecture and Urban Planning – The USU Wedge

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

For this weeks art activity, we were tasked with either redesigning the USU wedge or the F4 Wedge. Both of these wedges are inconveniences and bad designs. Although I do agree with Glenn when he says it offers a nostalgic feeling for alumni who remember it, it would be better to just redesign it to accommodate the students however it isn’t that much of a pressing matter. In my design, I decided to take away the entire black column that makes up the “wedge” area and instead insert a small column at the end to support the structure. Moving the seat a little back would also help with giving some space to the place. With that simple fix, there is much more room for students to walk by and allows for a better flow in the area.